Why Triclops Will Work For You

Triclops sights improve accuracy, allow you to aim on target faster, and are easy and intuitive to learn. These short videos explain how Triclops sights are superior to traditional notch & blade or even red dot sights.

How Triclops Sights Work

Your The Triclops sight uses both horizontal and vertical axis dots to help you aim on target faster.

Geometric Centering

Geometric centering is your eye's natural ability to find the exact center of a shape. This concept incorporated in the Triclops Sight allows you to aim and acquire your target faster than traditional notch and blade sights.

Elongated Sight Lines

Elongated Sight lines help to orient your sight and weapon faster. Flat dots or sights with curves force your eyese to use other clues to orient your weapon properly.

Shoot with

both eyes open

Embrace Your Instincts

In addition to aiming with both eyes open, Triclops sights allow you to embrace your instincts and increase situational awareness.

Aim Faster

Triclops sights use a symmetrical design that allows you to aim on target faster.

Improve Accuracy

The triangle sight dot layout allows you to more accurately and quickly acquire the target in your sight.