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Triclops sights

Triclops Sights

Triclops Sights

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Content of kit includes: Rear sight, front sight, fiber optic. 

Please choose your gun make/model/caliber from our list of 32 options and select your dominant eye preferences.


****Please note on some models there may be a 1-2 week delay in shipping due to supply chain issues. 

****Please note all slides must be factory original, no porting or modifications, to be compatible with our Triclops Sight.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This is the future of gun sights. It may take a bit for people to come around but all you need to do is try them. They make shooting accurately easier. I have no want for a red dot any longer after testing red dot next to the triclops. It’s just simply better

Robert Fortelka

Triclops Sights

Hope Lewellen
Excellent sights

I took my small little sub compact to the range with my new Triclops sights. Started close around 7yds to get a feel for the sight. It happened quickly, around 5 shots before I was in a small ring. This was amazing as it is but what really surprised me was being able to shoot quite a long distance somewhere around 25 yards with my small little carry gun and be extremely accurate. I was also happy with how quickly I could now shoot my carry gun. I plan on trying these sights on one of my larger full size competition guns and can’t wait to see the results. So more to report later

Ethan Rudd
Cool Sight. Highly Recommend.

I purchased this sight and I like it for several reasons. 1) Quick and easy to discern when alignment is off – in contrast to a red dot, where you have little to no reference if the dot is out of frame. 2) Natural integration with most suppressors -- no need for raised sights or a weird form factor. 3) Electronic failures are impossible -- while you still get nicely illuminated dots, you don’t have to worry about on/off switches, battery replacement, or sensor/hardware failure.

Installed on my Springfield and it's made me a better shooter

This is a great sight, compact, easy to clean, well manufactured, and offers an outstanding sight picture. Intuitive to learn, the Triclops sight is far better than your typical iron sight, and it's is in a completely different category than RMR sights. It's almost it's own category.