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Triclops sights

Triclops Sights

Triclops Sights

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Content of kit includes: Rear sight, front sight, fiber optic. 

Please choose your gun make/model/caliber from our list of 32 options and select your dominant eye preferences.


****Please note on some models there may be a 1-2 week delay in shipping due to supply chain issues. 

****Please note all slides must be factory original, no porting or modifications, to be compatible with our Triclops Sight.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
C Vaughan
Browning BuckMark

Sean prototyped my Browning BuckMark with a right-handed set of TriClops sights and then asked me to fast draw / draw-down in the shop, at a combat/conflag range target. He immediately pointed out my eye-work error (“eyes wide open!”), and had me run it again. I took it to the range and had a few raised eyebrows when I showed it off - then shot it, and let a few others try it. All good results. This isn’t made for putting holes in pennies at 20 yards… it’s for saving your life. Looking forward to having my XD-40 set up soon. It’s got me wondering how this might work on a shotgun..!

Tim K
They are amazing!

This is way more than a training tool. We have 3 guns in our house with them and they are amazing! The second clip out of my gen 1 Glock i was hitting a 4 inch plate at 12 yards. Many will laugh at that, but 7:43 I could have never done that with my old factory sights. I have never been a good shot, so for me to do that was a game changer for me.
To me it comes down to attitude. There are people who will refuse to use them because of what they are used to and have a bias. But if you have an open mind, i think you will be very happy with the results.

Gabe R
I will never go back to red dots.

This is not a tool like some people think. This is a tried and very true sight. After running this, I will never go back to red dots. I can shoot more accurately and much faster with this. From the holster on a cold draw, I took my time from .85 with a red dot to .63 with this sight. It just makes running and gunning a no brainer. He's right, LOOK at your target, not the sights; the sights will be there in the background and you seriously have to try to miss on purpose. These sights are incredible and I recommend anyone who edc's to run them.

Jeremy Mallette
Big Bonus

"First, if you are not used to shooting an RMR, the learning curve is greater than the Triclops. Second, the Triclops is faster, especially at close range within seven yards. If the front sight is in the box, you are going to get torso hits. For a self-defense perspective, or for law enforcement, this is a big bonus."

Colton Baitch

"I want to thank Sean at for hooking me up with this sight system to test and evaluate. Pretty much an analog CCO and NVD capable. First 15 rounds with the sight were at 7 meters doing first round draw drills. First two were flyers b/c I wasn't using the sight correctly. I was skeptical at first but now all I can say is wow. Put the threat in the TV screen and squeeze."